Libraries that can be used on the browser or backend applications. For using include the js from github pages: https://gopi-suvanam.github.io/di-libs/build/di-libs.js.

There will be a common set of js libraries that will be directly included in some of the other apps we are developing (jsnb/mappy etc).

The libs will be categorised into:

  1. ML (Machine learning including timeseries):To be built
  2. Math (Math functions not defined in core Math module) https://github.com/gopi-suvanam/di-libs/tree/master/src/math
  3. Finance (Financial clauclations including NPY, IRR, Yield, Fixed Income and option pricing):https://github.com/gopi-suvanam/di-libs/tree/master/src/finance
  4. Image (image processing libs including AR/VR): https://github.com/gopi-suvanam/di-libs/tree/master/src/image
  5. Simulation: https://github.com/gopi-suvanam/di-libs/tree/master/src/simulation
  6. Vision (image recognition): To be built
  7. P2P: https://github.com/gopi-suvanam/di-libs/tree/master/src/p2p
  8. AR/VR in the browser: To be built
  9. Speech recognition/processing in the browser: To be built
  10. CFD: : To be built