I’m an entrepreneur in the Fintech and AI/ML space, with a rich experience of eighteen years. I’m a Co-Founder and Director of G-Square Solutions, a fast-growing fintech start-up offering AI and analytics services to Financial Institutions. I have an MBA from the IIM, Ahmedabad, and a B.Tech degree in Computer Science from the IIT Madras. Before starting my journey as an entrepreneur, I worked with Deutsche Bank as Vice President in the global markets division in London and New York City. I have also served as a visiting faculty in finance in various institutions including my alma mater IIM-A.

I authored a book on liberal economics (Liberty & Prosperity). I’m passionate about emerging technologies, macro economics, geo-libertarianism, and decentralization.

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My projects outside of my company’s work include:

  1. Scribbler: A JavaSript Notebook tool. GitHub. Try Here.
  2. DI-Libs: JavaScript Libararies for Scientific Computaiton. GitHub.
  3. FAST Server: A framework for integrating RESTFul APIs with Functional Prgramming. GitHub. Paper
  4. Mappy: A decentralized computing framework (shelved for the timebeing): GitHub


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Media Mentions

  1. AI fast disrupting the world of finance as you know it, 26th June, 2018, Economic Times (India)
  2. G-Square brings in a bot and plug-and-play element into analytics, 25th October, 2016, YourStory