I’ve been struggling with forming a political philosophy for my world view. I like having a liberal approach to both economic activities and living life. Libertarianism is a philosophy that suits well for this purpose. I’ve talked about various flavours of Libertarianism earlier. But there is a thorn in this philosophy that has been stinging me for a while. Libertarianism assumes that one gains rights over land by appropriating it through making some improvements on it. So for example, by a piece of barren land belongs to the person who ploughs it. This is well and good if there is abundance of land but in the current world where land (and other natural resources) is constrained, this philosophy presents a problem. This is where I’ve been leaning towards Geo-libertarianism for a while now.

Geo-libertarianism combines libertarianism with Georgism, a philosophy that advocates for the taxation of land and natural resources to promote economic efficiency and social justice. The goal of Geo-libertarianism is to promote individual freedom and economic growth while ensuring that natural resources are used fairly and sustainably. In this article, we will explore the principles of Geo-libertarianism and its potential benefits.

Principles of Geo-libertarianism

Geo-libertarians believe that individuals have the right to own and use property, including land, but they also believe that natural resources belong to everyone. Therefore, they advocate for the taxation of land and natural resources, rather than income or consumption taxes, to fund government services and promote economic efficiency.

According to Geo-libertarianism, land and natural resources are not created by individuals but are gifts of nature that should be shared equally among all people. Therefore, the value of land and natural resources should be taxed to fund government services, such as education, healthcare, and infrastructure. This would provide a source of revenue for the government while also ensuring that the use of natural resources is sustainable and fair.

Benefits of Geo-libertarianism

Geo-libertarianism has several potential benefits, including:

Geo-libertarianism vs Environmentalism

Geolibertarianism and environmentalism are two distinct political philosophies that address different aspects of social, economic, and environmental issues.

Geolibertarianism emphasizes individual liberty and the public ownership of natural resources, particularly land. Geolibertarians argue that land is a natural resource that should be owned by the public and managed for the benefit of all, rather than being controlled by private interests. They also advocate for the use of land value taxes to fund public goods and services, rather than relying on other forms of taxation.

In contrast, environmentalism is a broad political and social movement that is focused on protecting and preserving the natural environment. Environmentalists believe that human activities, particularly industrialization and urbanization, have caused significant harm to the environment and that urgent action is needed to address these issues. Environmentalism encompasses a wide range of issues, from pollution and climate change to biodiversity and ecosystem conservation.

While geolibertarianism and environmentalism may share some overlapping concerns, they are distinct philosophies that approach these issues from different perspectives. Geolibertarianism is primarily focused on economic and political issues related to the ownership and management of natural resources, while environmentalism is focused on environmental issues and the need to protect and preserve the natural world.

Geo-libertarianism vs Conservativism

Geo-libertarianism and conservatism have different views on a range of issues, including economic policy, social issues, and the role of government. Conservatism is a political philosophy that is generally characterized by a commitment to traditional values and institutions, limited government, and free market capitalism. Conservatives believe in the importance of individual liberty and personal responsibility, and they generally support a smaller government that is less involved in the economy and society.

While geolibertarianism and conservatism may share common ideas, they approach these issues from different perspectives. Geo-libertarianism is extends the philosophy of liberty to not just economic aspects but social aspects like personal life, marriage/living right etc. Geo-libertarians also disagree with some enviroment protection aspects with conservatives.